Who is Daniel?
Daniel Lowe is a singer and songwriter from Sydney, Australia. When he isn’t studying or working, Daniel is writing new music, developing his skills and networking with notable personalities of the music business.
Daniel began piano lessons at the age of 8, and pursued music in the years to come. Taking on singing lessons at age 11, Daniel was coached by significant vocal teachers of the Australian music industry.
Working with styles comparable to Adele and Sam Smith, but also driving to incorporate the refreshing fun of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, Daniel hopes to widen his fanbase so he can better share his passion for music with the world.


Something From Your Heart” is my brand new single. Fundamentally, it’s a break-up song – so if it leaves you reminiscing about ex-loves you thought you’d moved on, I’ve done something right.

“I wrote and recorded this during Sydney’s 2021 coronavirus lockdown. The track explores love and loss, beginning with an intimate piano/vocal verse but developing into a huge orchestral climax to stir some strong emotions.” – Daniel

You can pre-save “Something From Your Heart” NOW here.