About Daniel

Australian singer/songwriter Daniel Lowe puts an elegant and cinematic twist on modern pop-ballads and adult-contemporary music to truly tug at the heartstrings of audiences around the world.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Daniel grew up with a deep passion for moving people with soul-stirring music and powerful lyrics. With respected artists such as Adele and Lewis Capaldi as influences, Daniel turned heads with his singles “Something From Your Heart” and “Silence”, which have achieved over 10,000 streams to date, with radio interest across Australia.

Constantly mastering his craft and regularly releasing new music, the sky truly is the limit for Daniel.


“From The Start” details the longing and acceptance that comes with the end of a relationship. The delicate, mellow verses contrast with its powerful choruses and anthemic bridge, which are bound to have audiences singing along.

“Everyone has that special someone with a dedicated place in their heart. And when the love you feel for them is so strong, it truly feels like they’ve been there from the start.” – Daniel Lowe

You can stream “From The Start” NOW here.